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Hospital & Recovery Cash Plan

AMEX Hospital & Recovery Cash Plan

It can happen so quickly. A sudden accident or illness, and you’re in the hospital. The AMEX Hospital & Recovery Cash Plan can be used to help offset the financial burden in situations like this. So the only thing you have to worry about is getting well.

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Key Features

The AMEX Hospital & Recovery Cash Plan gives you cash that can be used any way you want to pay for the unexpected costs of recovering in hospital and at home. Some examples include:

  • Loss of income if you can’t work
  • Cost of temporary child care
  • Mobility device expenses not covered by provincial health plan
  • Overnight accommodation for out-of-town visitors
  • Meals, gas and parking for family members and other visitors

Choose Single or Family coverage1 as well as these two coverage options:

  • Accident only coverage, or
  • Accident and Sickness coverage

There’s a plan that’s right for you.
For more information, speak to a specialist today.

Enroll Today 1-877-777-1544